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Latest Updates
Godown Issues Report For Inter District added.

New Godown Addition option is available in HO_TG login.

Sanna Biyyam (Preferred Variety Rice Old & New) is added to Suppliers module.

Wagon Movement module is added. Follow the SCM_Training PPT uploaded in the site for detailed process.

* Receipts Wrong Entry deletion option is provided in DM login.

* Update Digital Token details is available in DM and GM PDS login.

* Delete Wrong entries option under "Stock Management" in DM login.

* Digital Token is must for Institutional ROs.

* Stage-1, Stage-2 added in Contractor Master.

* MLS Point name in Delivery Order.

* Natural Calamities added in Institution Types.

* Added Remarks in Institutional ROs PDF.

* Dispatching Date & Time in MLS issue reports.

* Validity Date for Suppliers, Contractors.

* Miller Master Report in godown login.
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